With us, you are immersed in the Italian culture.

You are led to discover and experience Italy, not as a tourist, but as a participant. You see, taste, touch, feel, and hear Italy as a native. It is rich, enlightening, educational, fun and, quite possibly, life changing.

In 2003, Kristi and Bill Steiner began what is now one of the most sought after artist-led Italian tour companies.  It is here that you get to explore your artistic and creative side with one of the talented artists.  You will also feel enriched and enlightened as you take in the incredible sights, sounds, and amazing aromas that lay before you on your journey.
Kristi and Bill
In 2003, Bill, a city planner, led his first trip to Orvieto for other city planners. He continued with these trips until 2007, when Kristi led a creative journaling class in addition to Bill’s trip.  It was this combination of efforts that led to what is now a truly enriching Italian cultural and creative exploration.  Michelle took her first trip to Orvieto in 2013 with her mom for a photography workshop.

Michelle‘s experience in Orvieto was, without exaggeration, life-changing.  She and her mom returned to Orvieto in 2015, not for a creative workshop, but for the exploration of some of Kristi and Bill’s favorite places.  After a casual conversation about taking over Adventures in Italy when Kristi and Bill retired, talks of making it a reality began in earnest in 2016.

Travel is an invaluable way to learn about yourself as well as the place you’re visiting. With Adventures in Italy, you’re immersed in the daily life and culture of the people of Orvieto, inspiring and enhancing your creative experience. You become one of the locals as faces become familiar and strangers become friends. This is a unique opportunity to unpack your bags for a week, slow down to the Italian pace and with expert guidance, explore local culture while tapping into your creative potential.

Orvieto is a step back into medieval times, with it’s narrow cobblestone streets, winding alleyways, large piazzas and majestic 13th century Roman Catholic Duomo.  Orvieto is a change in our busy lives, where we can take the opportunity to slow down, to breathe, to pause – in order to find meaning. What could be more rewarding than discovering this meaning with like minded people?  I do hope you will come and join me.


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bottles of wine savored


… is that you receive exceptional treatment from our friends, behind the scenes looks that no tourist sees, and spontaneous opportunities to experience what can only happen between friends. Each trip truly is a journey of discovery.


It is a dream come true to find our pilgrim feet in this artist sanctuary, me and you. We are going to be met (and completely captivated) by divine moments as we share this space with our small circle of friends, all-the-while working and playing in our own Italian studio. Think of a beautiful fairytale land, some of your best wild artist friends, and a sketchbook (and wine) in hand! Yes… Junelle Jacobsen – May 13th to May 19th, 2018

Run away to Orvieto with your inner artist! Join Cynthia Morris to Capture the Wow. We’ll experience Orvieto through the lens of the artist. More savoring, more appreciation, more insights and more joy can be found when you’re open to the wonders of the world. Feel more creative, anytime. Conversations, practices, adventures and space…your inner artist loves this and you will too. Cynthia Morris – May 20th to May 26th, 2018

Come away from a trip to Italy with a beautiful fabric collage book transforming vintage lines using plaster and gesso to create fresco like surfaces. Kate will guide you through making a new heirloom book. The Duomo in Orvieto and its incredible fresco painter, Luca Signorelli will be much of inspiration. Kate Thompson – Sept 9th to Sept 15th, 2018

Using a warm and lively palette, Jacqueline Newbold is known for her colorful watercolor paintings.  Jacqueline enjoys painting the dramatic skies over the Cascade mountains, fields of red poppies, rows of lavender leading to a rustic barn, and charming café scenes.  Jacqueline’s inspiration comes from her travels.  Join Jacqueline and explore the skies over Orvieto, Italy. Jacqueline Newbold – Sept 16th to Sept 22nd, 2018


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I love Italy, the warmth of its people, their way of life. 
Orvieto has so energized and enriched my life.
Creativity flourishes in an exquisite setting with expert guidance.
I hope you’ll become enthralled with Orvieto and it’s people, discovering the wonder that exists in being immersed in another culture.
I’m looking forward to sharing the magic of Orvieto with you.

Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. - Mary Ritter Beard

Come travel with Adventures in Italy and discover what changes await you