Two Great Adventures, One Great Destination

Welcome to Orvieto, Italy

Travel to Italy with us to EXPERIENCE the Italian culture, food, wine and history with its natives.  EXPLORE Orvieto’s vast richness as you begin your own journey.  For the artistically inclined, combine the rich culture with one of our popular creative workshops.  DISCOVER your creativity with internationally recognized leading authorities in each field of discipline.  Immerse yourself in the culture of Italy.

Creative Exploration Workshops

Explore your creativity while developing your own talents with internationally recognized instructors.  Choose from our outstanding learning vacations suitable for all skill levels. Exploring your art is a wonderful complement to exploring Italy, each reinforcing the other.  See tour link below.

Culture, Food, Wine, History

Discover Orvieto is offered in both the Spring and the Fall, running concurrently with the Creative Exploration Workshops (this is in the column to the left). These tours further enrich your cultural experience in Orvieto, offering a more intimate look into this extraordinary hilltop town.

Adventures in Italy is for Couples

Couples Travel with Adventures in Italy

Adventures in Italy is perfect for couples.  Spend your mornings apart, one discovering Orvieto’s culture while the other explores their creative side.  Then from lunch onward, you are together experiencing Orvieto’s magic with our cultural events and free time to immerse yourself in this beautiful hilltop town.

Adventures in Italy is for Friends

Adventures in Italy is perfect for friends, allowing you to choose the trip that suits your individual interest! Choose the Discover Orvieto trip while your companion takes a Creative Workshop or both join the same trip.  Any way you choose, you’ll experience exciting cultural activities together each afternoon.  The best of all worlds.

Friends Love Traveling with Adventures in Italy

Adventures in Italy is for Families

Adventures in Italy is perfect for families, allowing great bonding time for siblings or parent and child. Share everything by participating together in a Creative Workshop, or choose a little space with one of you participating in the Discover Orvieto tour. After a morning spent apart, you’ll be reunited in the afternoons and experience the cultural activities together.  

Adventures In Italy is for Solo Travellers.

For those traveling alone, our small groups enable you to get to know and make friends quickly. Our activities have you sharing, exploring, and experiencing adventures that you will enjoy reviewing and reminiscing about during the week and beyond.

Single Travelers travel with Adventures in Italy

Included in all Adventures In Italy Tours

Rubbing shoulders with natives – soon to be your friends – as you experience the simple joys of Italian culture.

Cook a delectable meal with a fabulous Italian chef, while learning the secrets of using fresh, local ingredients.

Visit a vineyard and meet the owner as he tells you his philosophy for creating wines with character. Sip several of his favorites and learn how each is unique – a most intimate wine tasting.

Shop as the locals do at the weekly market, where fresh local produce makes tempting ingredients for a picnic lunch.

Enjoy a locally cooked meal with wine pairings described by a sommelier.

Linger as you explore the finest Gothic cathedral in all of Italy.