Meet Jean Cauthen, who will be teaching Color and Texture in Orvieto May 19-25 with Pam Goode.  This is Jean’s first time teaching with Adventures in Italy, but she is no stranger to Italy.

What are you most excited about in teaching in Orvieto?

I’ve traveled to Italy almost yearly for over 2 decades. But I have never been to this particular beautiful spot! I’ve been looking at painters who have interpreted the landscape there and cannot wait to be interpreting the views myself.

What’s your fondest memory of your last trip to Italy?

My last trip to Italy, I think back to painting a vista of the terra-cotta roofs against the warm-green fields. Turning around I see a small boy standing behind me whispering, “bella!”.

What do you hope your students will take away from your class? 

I’m so pleased when students tell me that this class helped them understand the principles of painting and can apply it to any painting they may do. More experienced painters who haven’t painted in a long time report this class “got their mojo back.” And also, they just have a flat out good time as we make learning the great, fun adventure it is. And we are in the most gorgeous country in the world!

How do you incorporate Orvieto/Italy in your teaching this week?

Italy seems to have a genetic inclination to beauty. From the Master Artists, the fashion, the streets, the landscape, and even the way they arrange a table on a colorful cotton tablecloth—every element is carefully arranged in space. If we can bring that harmony and balance to our canvases and soak in some of that aesthetic in our lives, we will have truly had an enriching week!

What cultural experience do you enjoy most?

The Art, the food, the wine, the joy….My favorite?? I’m stumped!

What are you most excited to share with your students?

After a rich day of beauty and ‘conversing’ with the landscapes, my favorite moments are those joyous, laughter-filled times we share around a glass of wine or an unforgettable meal!

Do you have a favorite spot to people watch?

In every Italian village, there is a short wall on a piazza where the elderly men sit and watch the day unfold. If you find that wall, you have a great vantage point!

What’s your favorite flavor of gelato?

Hazelnut! But I try to order in Italian, “nocciola.”

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