This post originally appeared on the Slow Travel Tours Blog in July, 2018.

Cooking with an Italian chef in Italy…what could be more Italian?  Travelers with Adventures in Italy get the full experience with Chef Lorenzo in his kitchen, Zeppelin, named for the rock band of the same name.

Zeppelin does only cooking demonstrations and classes, so there are no restaurant patrons.  A lot of groups that come through only get to watch Chef Lorenzo do a pasta-making demonstration while they are served a meal.  But not us!  We roll right on back to the kitchen, don an apron, and get to work!

We usually start with a welcome prosecco, or wine, or coffee, and plan the menu.  A starter, some focaccia perhaps, followed by pasta and a ragu (sauce.)  Maybe a side of zucchini blossoms, or some borlotti beans…and, of course, dessert!  It’s never the same menu twice.

All hands on deck for food prep!  Everyone has a job to do.  Do you want to make the dough for the focaccia?  Chef Lorenzo will help us, along with study abroad students who are under his tutelage, his son Tommaso and sous chef Michele.  We are in good hands.

You might roll some gnocchi or use the guitar to make some traditional umbrichelli.  Or just a big knife for some straight up fettuccini!  It’s such fun to get your hands dirty and put a little love into our meal.

Chef Lorenzo’s worker bees are busy right up until the end.  We just might be snacking on our focaccia while putting the finishing touches on our preparations.  Once we sit down, we become the guests and we are served our culinary delights.  More wine, more conversation, and time to enjoy the fruits of our labors.  This is one of the most memorable experiences you will have with Adventures in Italy!

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