This post first appeared on the Slow Travel Tours blog in October, 2018.

I am not an artist.  I am an art enthusiast.  I am one who stands in awe of those around me who can sketch, paint, create things I’ve never even imagined.  That’s what so amazing about my job at Adventures in Italy, I get to watch people create all the time.  I pop in to the studio to see what the artist are up to, but recently I got to sit in, or, more exactly, out.

Each week we have an outing to Palazzone Winery, about 10 minutes from our home away from home in Orvieto.  This particular week, Jacqueline Newbold wanted some extra time at the Vineyard to paint.  She knew it would inspire her artists to sit surrounded by beauty, sunshine and fresh air.

The Winery was happy to provide us with access to their shaded patio, from which you can see The Rock of Orvieto. Jacqueline did a little demonstration, and then everyone got to work.

There was a little chatter, a few questions, but mostly everyone just went about their business of creating.  When it was time for our actual wine tasting, almost 2 hours has passed and most said they were just getting into it!

But the ladies were good sports and moved on to the next activity…wine!

We did a final show and share at the end of the week where everyone showed their work.  For this non-artist, it was all so inspiring!  I can’t wait to see what the next groups will do!

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