Junelle Jacobsen will be returning to Orvieto to lead An Italian Pilgrimage May 13-19, 2018.  Read on to learn more about Junelle and her workshop…

What are you most excited about in returning to Orvieto?

It is one of the few places that completely captures my romantic heart. It is the feeling of walking into the happiest of fairy tales…it still makes my heart smile!

The cobblestone paths and roads, watching the people talk and laugh in the street, the old churches in the soft light, the amazing olive oils and lemoncellos, jewelry shops, the espresso bars, the views of the countryside at different times of the day, the monastery’s art studio, and the way I feel when I am there.

What’s your fondest memory of your last trip?

The silliest memories are of going to get gelato two (or more?!) times a day and having the shop keeper remember me and tease me. I had to try them all you know!

The most heartfelt memories I have are of sneaking away, going to the small churches and quietly lighting a candle each morning. I still feel the peace of those mornings.

I also traveled with my Mother and a close cousin. I loved all of the memories we made together.

What do you hope your students will take away from your class?

I hope everyone takes home the amazing feeling of this place. I dream of Orvieto!

My greatest hope is to inspire a life of pilgrimage (adventurous travel with open heart and hands) and create meaningful and playful art. To feel encouraged in their artistic expressions. Playfully collect amazing inspirations that will fill our artist hearts all year long.

What is it about Orvieto that’s so special?

The layers and layers of history and story. It is envelopes you and opens your eyes to things you have never experienced before. I also believe it is the light. As a photographer it is one of the first things I noticed, the softness and quality of the light. It make everything look so beautiful!

How do you incorporate Orvieto/Italy in your teaching this week?

Photographs, words and sketching will be our early investments in Orvieto. We will We are working in art journals that we find in a book store the first day we arrive. Our paints are sourced from this sweet town and the beautiful collage elements will also be finding from our time together.

What are you most excited to share with your students?  

I love to be a good friend to everyone that joins me in an adventure such as this. I think I am most excited to share my excitement for our collective adventure. We have so many days of discovery and playful art!

What cultural experience do you enjoy most?

I love experiences that allow times of personal reflection and times to laugh. So…any and all! I love visiting shops and shopkeepers, sketching in old churches, learning how to make delicious food, walking through vineyards, and enjoying the cultural experiences happening in the town I am in.

Do you have a favorite spot to people watch?

Yes. Everywhere. I do love the espresso place that is by the markets…it is always a fun place to sit and relax with a sketchbook. The street the goes down to the Etruscan caves was filled with little homes, laundry lines, and happy children. That seems like a fun place to capture with pen and ink?

What’s your favorite flavor of gelato?

I can’t choose!

I loved the chocolate with the orange rind and of course anything coffee and rum wins me over.

I did like the lemon…yum.

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