Originally posted on the Slow Travel Tours blog in February, 2018, read on to learn more about where you stay when you travel with Adventures in Italy.

When you travel with Adventures in Italy, you stay in the Istituto San Lodovico.  It’s a converted monastery, now a B&B, run by nuns.  Many have said there is a feeling of calm that washes over you from the moment you walk in.  Time stands still, stress falls away.  You know you’re in for something extraordinary.

The nuns run a day care on weekdays, so our artists will often spend mornings working to the sounds of children laughing and singing.  Aside from the children, San Lodovico is peaceful, meditative.  The beautiful garden is a quiet spot for reflection, with hidden inspiration both on the walls and on the ground. 

Our group often makes up the majority of guests staying at San Lodovico, so it becomes quite homey.  The nuns are proud of their home and are happy to show us their old frescoes, the chapel, and spaces we might otherwise miss.  They also cook lunch for us on our first full day, which is really a treat!

The grand staircase leads up to the guest rooms, which are modest, but clean and comfortable. Many rooms feature views of the country side…

And all guests are encouraged to head up to the roof, where you’ll get the quintessential Italian photograph.

For our Artist Enrichment Trips, participants will spend time in the classroom.  To and from your room each day, you’ll pass through the grand ballroom, a glorious space!

We’ll open and close our week together in the courtyard, a large open area with benches and a table or two for working, reading, or relaxing.

Our Istituto San Lodovico is your conference center, Italian style!  It has everything you need to “Adventure in Italy” with us.  Find yourself here, and find yourself transformed.

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