This post was originally posted with Slow Travel Tours in May, 2018.  Read on for my take on why people travel, and specifically what can be gained from slow travel.

As I prepare for my upcoming trip to Orvieto with Junelle Jacobsen, welcoming my first group of travellers since taking over Adventures in Italy, I’m thinking a lot about why people travel. Why I travel. What is the allure of slow travel?

I found a quote by Ernest Kurtz that really spoke to me:

“[A] journey becomes a pilgrimage as we discover, day by day, that the distance traveled is less important than the experience gained.”

I think the pilgrimage is discovering something about yourself. Taking on something new, either in the travelling or in the destination.

Adventures in Italy travellers are coming to stay in Orvieto, not see all of Italy in a week.

Set up shop here. You aren’t going to cover a lot of ground, but you can create some of the richest relationships and experiences of your life while staying in one place. The warmth of the people just seeps into your soul and makes you feel like you’re carrying around your own personal ray of sunshine.

My goal is to ensure that every traveller takes a little ray of sunshine home with them.

Because we offer Artist Enrichment Tours, most people are coming to stoke their creative fire. Beginners to experts in their creative pursuit gather with like-minded peers to share the experience of a live class with a favorite teacher.

You can see the stress of life melt away over the week as pilgrims tap into their creativity and leave the outside world behind. Is it the medieval setting? The cobblestone streets? The slow pace of life? The most stressful decision of the day is what flavour of gelato to have! (For me, nocciotella!)

Being able to take time for yourself and unwind is truly a gift. This is a journey that rejuvenates the soul.

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